Communication with Multiplication
Social Network
«MegaMixGroup» is a new generation
social network representing the most
popular services on the Internet. We
break all stereotypes! One of the
MegaMix Group’s core principles is in the
uniqueness of each user. Everyone can
make money here!

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Trading Platform
The advanced Internet society has long
appreciated the convenience of the
virtual message boards. Today nothing
could be simpler than to get rid of an
unnecessary thing and get your money
back.It is very simple to log on online
and find a bargain of what you really
need. Is that convenient?
«MegaMixGroup» has even moved one
step further!

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Advertising Space
Today the Internet is the most efficient
advertising channel for any goods and
services. However, users are often
annoyed with a vast number of banner
ads, messages and other needless
information which clogs their personal
space on the Internet.
«MegaMixGroup» has solved this

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Coupon Site
Nowadays, the promotion of goods and
services by offering discount coupons on
the Internet is a true business
breakthrough! We just could not ignore
such opportunities. «MegaMixGroup»
created a special territory where we
collect the best offers from the best
manufacturers of goods and services.
Are your goals much more global than
just saving money? We did know about

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